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          Gebr. Engelfried oHG   Aalen Elisabethenstr. 41 Deutschland

          4 side moulder

          WEINIG Powermat 500 m. Mechanisierung

          Gebr. Engelfried oHG

          Elisabethenstr. 41 · 73432 - Aalen

          Machine data

          Type4 side moulder
          TypePowermat 500 m. Mechanisierung
          Date of constructionneuwertig
          Touchscreen, Weinig Nexus
          Storage locationOberkochen
          Country of originGermany
          Delivery time2 weeks
          Delivery termsex warehouse


          Weinig Powermat 500_Technik_description.pdf

          Technical details

          Number of spindles5 St.
          Working width230 mm
          Working height120 mm
          Length of the planing table2500 mm
          Feed motor4 kW
          Feed speed5-30 m/min.
          ControlTouchscreen, Weinig Nexus


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          Additional information

          Weinig Powermat 500, manufactured in 2010
          machine in functionally checking process at the moment.

          Machine is in checking process at the moment

          Powermat 500 technology
          5 spindles
          Working width: 230 mm
          Working height: 120 mm
          Feed: 4 kW, 5-30 m / min electronically frequency-controlled
          Planing table: 2500 mm

          1st spindle below, 7.5 kW, diameter 40 mm, 8,000 rpm
          2nd right spindle, 7.5 kW, Powerlock / HSK, 8,000 rpm
          3rd spindle left, 11.0 kW, Powerlock / HSK, 8,000 rpm
          4. Spindle above, 11.0 kW, Powerlock / HSK, 8,000 rpm
          5. Lower spindle, 7.5 kW, Powerlock / HSK, 8,000 rpm

          3rd spindle with motorized axis adjustment radial (width)
          4th spindle with motorized axis adjustment radial (height)
          Motorized axis adjustment and positioning of the feed high-low

          Touchscreen-control with Weinig NEXUS (can be online controlled)

          Including existing tools and HSK spindles / PowerLock spindles

          Option: mechanization, "as is" consisting of:
          - driven infeed conveyor
          - Push-off device (automatic push-off of the timber from the infeed belt onto
          Planing table of the machine)
          - Longitudinal-transverse longitudinal conveyor after the machine (for
          returning the parts to the
          - 1st driven return conveyor
          - 2nd driven return conveyor

          (technical information according to the manufacturer - without guarantee!)

          On this page you will find a an offer on a used 4 side moulder of type Powermat 500 m. Mechanisierung of the company WEINIG with year of construction neuwertig and with stock no.: 1305-2566. The machine is manufactured by the company Gebr. Engelfried oHG from 73432 Aalen offered. The delivery time / delivery status for this machine is: 2 weeks For more information, please refer to the details listed.

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          4 side moulder

          4 side moulder

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