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          RS Sperling Maschinen  &  Industriebedarf  Bottrop von-Braun-Str. 20 Deutschland

          Center Lathe

          ZMM C 10 THS 4000

          RS Sperling

          Maschinen & Industriebedarf
          von-Braun-Str. 20 · 46244 - Bottrop
          +49 (0) 2045 / 41 43 22-0
          +49 (0) 2045 / 41 43 22-9

          Machine data

          TypeCenter Lathe
          TypeC 10 THS 4000
          Date of construction2022
          Storage locationab Werk
          Country of originBulgarien
          Delivery timeon request
          Delivery termsab Werk

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          turning diameter over bed860 mm
          turning diameter over slide rest620 mm
          turning length4000 (1,5m,2m,3m,5m, 6m) mm
          turning dia. in gap1050 mm
          bed width560 mm
          spindle nose11
          spindle bore132 mm
          transmission ratio3
          spindle turning speed - stepless12,5-100, 50-415,150-1250 U/min
          thread76 Stufen
          metrical thread cutting0,5 - 90 mm
          thread - inch60 - 1/3 inch.
          thread - module0,125 - 22,5
          Whitworth-thread240 - 1 1/3 DP
          number of feeds150 mm/U
          rapid traverse longitudinal3800 mm/min
          longitudinal feeds:0,039 - 18 mm/U
          face feeds0,02 - 9 mm/U
          face slide travel432 mm
          upper slide-adjustment150 mm
          rapid traverse of cross-rail supports1900 mm/min
          diameter of quill105 mm
          MK 6
          quill stroke225 mm
          total power requirement18,5 kW
          weight of the machine ca.6300 kg


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          Additional information

          Huvema’s range of European production lathes. Fitted out with variable speed
          and fully protected. These machines are perfect for all industrial applications.
          Users are very enthousiastic about these machines! Also available in: Also
          in: 1,5m, 2 m - 6 m.

          variable speed, 3 steps
          rapid traverse through joystick
          protective covers
          halogen machine light
          cooling system

          On this page you will find a an offer on a used Center Lathe of type C 10 THS 4000 of the company ZMM with year of construction 2022 and with stock no.: 1100-011505. The machine is manufactured by the company RS Sperling Maschinen & Industriebedarf from 46244 Bottrop offered. The delivery time / delivery status for this machine is: on request For more information, please refer to the details listed.

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          Center Lathe

          Center Lathe

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