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          Magnetic Belt Conveyor

          ATMH Magnetos

          ATMH Werkzeugmaschinenhandel GmbH

          Scharpenbergerstr.96-98 · 58256 - Ennepetal
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          Machine data

          TypeMagnetic Belt Conveyor
          Date of construction2021
          Storage locationEnnepetal
          Country of originTurkey
          Delivery timeNach Absprache
          Delivery termsFrom stock - free on truck

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          lengthNACH WUNSCH mm
          widthNACH WUNSCH mm
          height over floorNACH WUNSCH mm


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          Additional information

          We manufacture according to your watch!

          Magnetic conveyors are used to move dust, crumbled iron filings, and other
          metal particles.

          There is no risk of damage to the pallet or to the transported product, since
          the magnetic carriers have no contact product and no chips. The production cost
          of this art of conveyor belts is closed by the neodymium magnet mounted on the
          pallets at the higher.

          The conveyor belt can be mounted from the control unit on top of the housing of
          the unit or with the base connection on the CNC bench.

          Magnetic conveyors can be re-angled according to angle, size and chip removal
          ability. These sponsors are long lived and long lasting and will not become
          different and complicated disabled relationships.

          On this page you will find a an offer on a used Magnetic Belt Conveyor of type Magnetos of the company ATMH with year of construction 2021 and with stock no.: 2065-41001. The machine is manufactured by the company ATMH Werkzeugmaschinenhandel GmbH from 58256 Ennepetal offered. The delivery time / delivery status for this machine is: Nach Absprache For more information, please refer to the details listed.

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          Magnetic Belt Conveyor

          Magnetic Belt Conveyor

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